Before the Kiss

Speaking softly poignant words, Each gliding on the cool breeze, Wandering aimless like butterflies.  Each alights ever so lightly on the ears, Like rose petals creating singular ripples Landing upon a pond.   Smiling iridescent radiant beams,  Each permeating their radius With warmth akin to kindling flame.  Each lights the stark darkness, Like rays from newborn stars, Embarking across the

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Frequenters Of My Garden

I’ve known these two soul mates For many a year – watched them fly Against sunset backdrop – pallet of Colour takes my breath away, As they wing their way home, Feathers black Like darkest night – Eyes mysterious as the cosmos, They’ve had their share Of my garden feast, Hidden beneath blades of Green and daisies bright, A recipe

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A Prayer Left Unsaid

Intro: A deep felt desire for the young ones to grow at a pace we all grew in, enjoying other things along the way and thinking, observing, learning, un-learning, doing by themselves, with their own refreshing ways and means, originality intact. Wish we adults tampered less with their growth. A prayer on behalf of all the young ones! 

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