A Prayer Left Unsaid

Intro: A deep felt desire for the young ones to grow at a pace we all grew in, enjoying other things along the way and thinking, observing, learning, un-learning, doing by themselves, with their own refreshing ways and means, originality intact. Wish we adults tampered less with their growth. A prayer on behalf of all the young ones! 

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In League with Eagles

Intro:  One fine winter morning the writer is audience to a spectacular display of manouevres by an Aquila pair. As they play out their parts, leading their daily life with their family the writer gets to take home a lesson. How to live life on an even keel, devoid of herd instinct or gender bias. Living life real time, shedding

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The Mad March Hare Affair

Apologies to Lewis Carroll and White Rabbits everywhere…. The Mad March Hare Affair ================== A late-night high-wire act with a saran-wrapped acrobat in her four-poster acro-belfry where you cracked bells and Bells whisky, frisked both basque and brisket love-slaps shock-absorbed by beer-belly crumple-zones so now you sidle home hare-fast moist with guilt to lick your lips as Pantin’s bliss-mist-kisses burn

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