Such a Pest

(Sharing this poem, written in summer.. after reading Luigi’s flash fiction, The Fly on the Wall)


Wherever she goes, sets the room abuzz,
Holds centrestage, unmindful of us.
Keeps us twisted around her little halteres,
Bugged with her humming even as she falters.
Day by day getting bolder,
Becoming difficult to stop her.
Come summer and the mangoes,
Hell breaks loose… all out she goes!
Sees it all, mint sprig, oil strip, eucalyptus spray,
But nothing organic works to keep her at bay.
Rubbing hands in glee starts crooning… an awful raspy singer,
Leaving us flustered, our senses on a cliff hanger.
Thrumming in our ears, hovering so close by,
None as irksome as the pesky housefly.

© Gomathi 2023
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You won’t find many disagreeing with your statement, Gomathi, which you have expressed eloquently in a humorous vein. Definitely not the kind of buzz that we want. Our wish is that they buzz off, especially if we are having a picnic.
Regards, Luigi

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