Picnicking Spirits


Blyton’s on the go,
Austen’s choreographed picnics.
Schooltimes saw us,
Trying to enact them in our tunics.
Memories of many by the river, 
Gardens and ruins near a creek;
With grass tickling our feet,
Chasing and shrieking,
Playing hide and seek.
Boating, singing and Tambola
As elders busied in open kitchen,
Under the banyan tree.
Sumptous spread on leaves,
Tempting us to pitch in.
Plucking berries in jungle across,
Wading in knee deep water.
Visions of worlds apart,
Am picnicking on banks of village river.
Jerked back to whisper soft goodbyes,
As heaviness in heart grew.
The nature spirits I suspect
Were watching as we did too.
Wonder if our souls sing,
Sitting together eat and drink,
Amidst wind, water, trees..
We were once wanderers, in sync.
With Earth suspended in Universe,
On a picnic of its own,
Different energies pooling in
To sustain all, not partying alone.

© Gomathi 2023
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Treasured memories of young girls enjoying picnics by the river, well described.
A couple of points: in the second stanza you need to break the first line so that ‘Gardens and ruins near a creek;’ becomes the second line; in the first line of the third verse did you mean ‘tombola’? and finally in the second line of the last verse it should be ‘its’ not ‘it’s’.
Best wishes, Luigi x

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