last sitting at table 58

last sitting at table 58 – threadbare carpet hotel breakfast   ‘té? café? sir? madam?’ ‘is there marmalade?’ ‘I fetch you mermelada’ ‘and a spoon for my muesli’ ‘I fetch you, cuchara, madam’ ‘no, ‘spoon’, I said’   porridge is being ladled and admired   ‘the Scots spell porridge ‘porage’’ ‘I didn’t know that’ ‘I have five prunes in mine each morning’ ‘prunes

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O Lord deliver me

o Lord deliver me   I’m waiting outside in the corridor staring at my trainers   on my jeans, a soup stain reminds me of Italy   the drinks machine won’t give change and I’m gasping for coffee   wheel-chaired women, some groaning, some cursing, roll into ‘delivery’   ‘is that Isabel yelling? sounds a lot like her when she’s shouting at

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