The poet’s privilege

  A poet goes beyond reality and has the right to be excluded from the petty troubles of mundaneness, since it’s natural for him to break conventional dimensions, since his home is timelessness. Do not expect him to be fathomed or identified or even specified, he will avoid all analysis efforts, baffling readers and researchers and the more so through

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The longest moment

  When love returns with something like a vengeance set with fullest sails and rushing in with forward wind, I hesitate to catch my breath benumbed by the enchantment of the golden moment which, although impossible, I can but hope and feel that must go on forever. When it is enjoyed, at least, it’s more convincing than eternity.  

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Born To Die.

Born To Die (Warning may offend).   We are born to die within that murky truth we fly. But inside we lie. Wings of clay carry us away. People search for a god begotten by a will to live. Struth….. they try to escape the truth! Six million Jews…. Pogrom after Pogrom century after century against the Jews gypsies and

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