Trailblazing Beautiful Beginnings

Happy New Year



All beginnings… a mystery marvel,
If assayed, will slowly unravel.
Fruit falls, sacredly holding life in its seed,
For a new one of its kind, its seed, it has to cede.
The last autumn leaf takes its leave into oblivion,
Only to burst its bud in spring terranean. 
Night fades alongwith moon in silence of dark,
For the sun to rise, it dawns in with the lark.
All still to usher in new year, bidding old year adieu,
At stroke of twelve, in welcome revelry fills milieu.
Denouements in life too launch a series of debut,
Kindergarten gates, school farewell to college queue.
Graduating, career, family, superannuation;
Each phase kicks off stages for a new inception.
To brand life with new equation, passion gets pursued,
Commencement of a selfhood to best define than one issued.
Key to new beginnings lies in cryptic ending,
Trailblazing for posterity, both gracefully blending.
Not know at the outset if it has a beautiful ending too,
But it is always a beautiful beginning, without much ado.

© Gomathi 2023
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