Reaching Out


Such a desolate feeling to have no one of our own,
In whom we can confide, all doubts and fears unknown.
Someone to hold our hands in times of need and console,
Reassure our faith in self and to cajole.
Make us some coffee, sit with us, listen handing out tissue,
Lives could be saved from mind games fought, not a simple issue.
Depression can descend on anyone, it has no season,
Semblance behind selfie smiles, shatter for no reason.
It can stalk anyone, a recluse living in obscurity,
Age no bar, nor gender or status, it can happen to a celebrity.
That all is not well on the inside, visible only to one caring,
Who sincerely drops in to see how the friend is faring.
In some cases, it needs to go beyond just share and care,
Clinical help to be solicited like for cold and flu in the air.
When will we talk openly on things like mental health?
Why counselling session at the psychiatrist is spoken in stealth.
To address it in public domain, we need to lend our voice,
First step would be to acknowledge that depression is an illness, not a choice.






© Gomathi 2023
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“Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being’s suffering”, Audrey Hepburn once said, but it must be added that what is also needed is compassion and support. Sometimes it is difficult to recognise the causes of depression which could be due to feelings of loss, failure or rejection. Loneliness, especially with older people, is a major contributor to such condition. In recent years theorists have argued that many depressed individuals depend upon others for their self-esteem and that the loss of one of these emotional supports often precipitates a depressive reaction. Your poem, Gomathi, reinforces these views. Best… Read more »


I always appreciate folks who use poetry to speak about important issues, so well done, my dear! Keep it up. The only thing I would perhaps suggest to you over all is that you might try using less rhyme or maybe cutting down syllable length in sentences to really pack a wallop. Just a humble suggestion though.


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