The Last Laugh


It takes a genius acuity to play a joker,
As many grey cells juggled, as in game of poker.
His hilarity keeps our risorious muscle on the move,
Unwittingly with sides splitting, fall into his zany groove.
Prances, skips, tumbles, falls, reviving our spirits, the funny clown.
Doctors say, “laugh with him” to avoid wearing a johnny gown,
Behind that colourful mask and slapstick, wisdom runs deeper,
Gamboling with quick wit, he is society’s conscience keeper.
Don’t discard, he shows ways of world with glasses tinted in fun,
Comes to one’s rescue when Kings and Queens are done.
Walks away with the last laugh as curtains come down,
Having fooled those in hubris…the invincible fools in town.

© Gomathi 2023
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