24 Hours of Love.

A visit to Vancouver BC.  24 Hours of Love.   Ive often wandered if I’ve kissed The serial killer in our midst. I was on a bit of a sailing manoeuvre  Across in rainy dank Vancouver   Her name was Mona, Mona Bird  Yes lemon curds the rhymah. And her mothers name was Mynah.   Occasionally worried about the strife 

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Part 26

To be somebody.  You have to be somebody else. Not an imitation. Or intimation. You have to be somebody else.   On a hill.  Over looking a place.  Somewhere nowhere.  White. Smoke. Cloud. Candle. Some larger remains.  Blown in breeze.  The only chance of escape.  Souls on a southerly.  Inside. Nothing more than a. Pit. At 44 °C. Death will occur.

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