Cat On The Wall


A single thought that germinates,
Either builds bridges or annihilates.
Gasp in disbelief at actions of a powerful few,
Brazenly carried out in full public view.
Manufacturing fear psychosis with such impunity,
Orchestrating chaos with hatred and animosity.
Existences denied, conscience set on flight mode,
Since when did our values so much erode?
Screens shielding it, scripting our fall.
Purpoted truth shown is nothing but talks tall.
Peaceful protestors beaten up brutally by cops, 
For a nation so large it’s a small heart that quops!
State head’s vow of seeking revenge, reeking of B-grade movie,
Narrative shifts from ballot to bullet, in which age are we?
Pillars of democracy too failing to uphold people’s power,
Enabling servants of citizens to embolden by the hour.
Forgetting their duty, to take care of all their people,
Instead engaging fulltime to bury  the sacred word equal.
Meekly submitting to injustice is being complicit on our part,
Legacy we leave behind, will weigh heavily on many a heart.

© Gomathi 2023
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I understand that the title is the American equivalent of ‘sitting on the fence’, i.e. not getting involved or not taking sides. It is obvious that the poem is a voice of protest against the abuse of power by unspecified authorities, which I assume are those of your own country. I had to look up the verb ‘quop’ in the dictionary as it was unknown to me. Another one to add to my vocabulary. Thanks for that. On the technical side, always bear in mind the metre, especially with rhyming verse. The lines of this piece have a wide range… Read more »

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