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Disoccidented by Alfie Shoyger

"Disoccidented" is largely the autobiography of Alfie Shoyger written in many different poetic forms, almost a novel-in-verse, describing various aspects ...
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Voices from the Web Anthology 2017

These stories and poems have been selected by members of the writer’s website, UKAuthors, and on the basis of votes ...
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Daily Mail First Novel Competition 2018

The Daily Mail and Penguin Random House UK have announced this year's First Novel Competition. The winner will receive a £20,000 ...
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Voices from the Web 2016

Voices from the Web Anthology 2016 Kindle Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

Voices from the Web Anthology 2016 Kindle Edition NOW AVAILABLE! These stories and poems have been selected by members of ...
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Email to a reader, CC Anyone part 11 (i think)

you must be adult to read this. please don't read it if your age is not 18. come back when ...

Korviaslaax – Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen - Tsua *        *        *         *     It was the job of the ship’s psychiatrist to keep the ...
/ fantasy, Fiction, science fiction / 3698 words / /

Love is the Shape of a Pear

I was in a pub and I met a man with Celtic symbols tattooed on his arms. He told me ...

Korviaaslax – Chapter Fifteen

No chapters have been omitted between 12 an 15. Larger chapters have been broken up into 2 extra chapters so ...
/ fantasy, Fiction, science fiction / 3645 words / /


“Where have I been? Where am I? Fair daylight? I am mightily abused. I should e'en die with pity, To ...


Sailors... you canˋt beat them ...

The Taste Of Apples

The old house is different now ...

Christmas With A Stranger

It is Christmas, 1933, and Lucy embarks on a holiday with friends to Scotland, only to find herself having to ...

Email to A Reader, CC ANYONE

the absolute fiction is HERE.  to Philip Dick, Her answer to his questions ...

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The inadequacy of words

Never say 'I love you' if you mean it, 'cause it's such a worn-out phrase, diluted into such a commonness ...
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Bingo. Pop stars. Gossip. Tits. Implants. Nose jobs. Hairy bits. Champions’ League. Transvestite vicars. Pics of duchesses in their knickers ...
/ / 2 Comments on Prolefeed / 171 words / NEW! /

The harmony of our souls

As we blend together fleeting in and out there is a concord of our music that defies expression as the ...
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Their Game

Erotic, age rating 18 ...
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age rating: 15 ...
/ / No Comments on Outsized / 151 words / /

Getting on

Recovering from hardy nights of exercise, you wonder naturally how it all will end, in some kind of disaster, as ...
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He found himself in others,  In others he planted himself. A man of mystery, a man of talent. When the tongue ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 113 words / /

Fate Waits

We stare at the face of fate. Fates mind thinks.  Fate stares back. We face our fate as fate waits ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 14 words / /

The Dutchboy’s Thumb

In celebration of the Trumplet's proposal for an all-out trade war with allies, I adopted a usa Ultra right wing bias ...
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/ humour, Non-Fiction, Satire / 1998 words / /

If you could fill a box with dreams.

How often do we say if? ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 118 words / /

You talk fondly.

You are out there, you are real. you have feelings, you must be heard ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 130 words / /

In at Sunset

My memoirs of being a Lighthousekeeper ...
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The Master of Disguise

So many expressed their thoughts in text! ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 72 words / /


History, can it help our future? Green is worn Faces prop a smile. Eyes hide a story or two. Minds ...
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