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Fiction [ more >> ]

Waifs Strays and Throwaways

The opening sequence to my new thriller based loosely on the Rochdale child abuse scandal ...

Part 8

There were days when the sun did shine everyday.  What was only weeks, maybe six, possibly eight.  These were the ...
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Part 7

You have to understand, we control everything.  Even that chair you are sat on.  In your mind it offers you ...
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Part 6

You see you have to understand that any rational concept of human love disappeared long before the first Virus War.  ...
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Poetry [ more >> ]

Twin Butterflies

  Impossible twins  a wandering butterfly  and I make salat     allets   ...
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Red As A Color

  . Predominant in flags at sea, the bright hue is a wanton, waving itself against the currents of any ...
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Black Rose

  . She slept in uniquely undisturbed gloom, huddling in the darkest part of the old garden. An ebony rose ...
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On visiting the dead

Occasionally, they actually enjoy our visits. We are always welcome to for some occasion share their bleak existence showing empathy ...
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The forlorn lover in her absence

Without you my life would be but hollowness of infinite despair, frustration, desolation and defeat, while no one else can ...
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Ich wanke, meine dicke tasse beinahe leer von muckefuck, dann mache mich gefasst. Hier kommt die kunterbunte fahrt. Der ankertätowierte ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

Sublimely Spoken

Message heard, the challenge enjoyed, occasionally comprehended In defence of the cryptic poet ...
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Short Backsides

Some customers are worth keeping, others, the crude and the lewd, you wished you'd never met ...
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Ending Perceptivity Benignly

The anodyne effect of anachronism in Life's end-game Inspired by Archie's intriguing poem "Broken" ...
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The Ground We Walk.

When walking along those twisty lanes on the hard crisp ground, It’s the time of the year when you hear ...
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How Many Times…

I’m not made of rubber  How many times can I fall from grace? How many times can I be put ...
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My Unheard thoughts…

Like a comet in the dead of night, Troubled mind inhibits sleep. It shoots across the clear dark sky, Good ...
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