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Meeting Emily Jane

Here is a short piece from my new book, I'm still playng with it trying to get it right ...

Chapter 11: Pillar to Post

Chapter 11 from the City of Gargoyles - Sequel to the Light-Father. Ellete's parents flee the Order in Brigstowe only ...

Chapter 10 – Stone Ghosts

Chapter 10 of City of Gargoyles - the second book in the Light-Father trilogy. Deep within the bowels of Milverburg, ...

Diabetes Awareness

short story for diabetes awareness ...

End of Life

He's dying but he's not going alone. End of Life Ian pulled hard on the cigarette, enjoying the crackle as ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

A Concrete Pond

A concrete pond in a torrid city drowning in rage. Harsh and pitiless. The skirl of sirens defiled our ears ...
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Came with the House

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Smack Your Bloke Up

If I growled, “You are asking for a wallop, for me to thrash your face into a pulp, now shut ...
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Lost in a Durham Landscape

Lost in a Durham Landscape   I kicked my heels in the living room while Aoife was in the kitchen ...
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The Holy Trinity

bringing intrinsic positivity! A tribute ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

Karma, the Tree Dweller

Sometimes you suffer for no fault of your own. Sometimes it's worth it ...
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My nursing experiences continued………

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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A Year Called Obsolesence

Sometime between, returning from France and travelling by plane to America came the effervescence. Remembering  a shared house, single storey, ...
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Rome was not built…

Rome wasn't built in a day. It had to be worked From the imagination. We see beauty  In a myriad ...
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Can we share a dream?

Can we share a dream? I close my tired eyes,It leaves my thoughts Chasing through the night. So often I ...
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Michael Angelo

I compare such beauties to your vibrant works.  We all recall the Sistine chapel, There was so much more to ...
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