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Disoccidented by Alfie Shoyger

"Disoccidented" is largely the autobiography of Alfie Shoyger written in many different poetic forms, almost a novel-in-verse, describing various aspects ...
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Voices from the Web 2016

UKAPress NEW Digital Titles

We've just launched several UKAPress titles as digital ebooks available from Amazon for your digital devices.  These titles are now available ...
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Joanne Harris, Interviewed by UKA member Rebecca Galloway

Joanne Harris was born in Barnsley in 1964, of a French mother and an English father.  She studied modern and ...
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The Chaos of Mokii

The Chaos of Mokii by Geoff Nelder

Mokii is a city that exists only in the minds of its inhabitants. It’s not easy to get past the ...
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Jacqueline In life, there is love and in love there is life. Jacqueline Claville had the perfect life. In love ...

Mandy’s Secret

What do you do when your partner betrays you beyond the point of forgiveness?  ...

On the move

She was not even twelve when she saw her mom kissing Sudhin uncle. They were all traveling to Chandigarh to ...

Woof! Woof!

The Beagle had just arrived, 21 days. Puja’s friend Priya named him Snoopy who became very popular in the neighborhood ...

On Alexander Bard and Europride 2018

What follows is a piece of satire. Sensitive readers may be offended ...

The Other Side – Chapter 3 – Water Works

It's Izzy's first day at her father's house and she is mesmerised by the garden statue. All goes well until ...

The new orphanage

‘Tell me why you feel this way.’ ‘I wish I could tell you. They are so caring. I have two ...

The Other Side – Chapter 2 – Greetings!

Izzy goes to stay with her Dad and her step-family that she doesn't like, her step-mum Siobhan and especially her ...

Life skills

"What? Are you crazy? I will never allow my wife to work. Women should be best kept at home." Everybody ...

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Something Beautiful

free form - first draft ...
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Horse Nectar

I chuck my feelings here and there like nectar snuck into a trough where horses come to pluck a pear ...
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A Poet’s thoughts in the winter of life.

Written on a lonesome evening ...
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Lover I was looking at the white flower swinging in your hair like the silver star floating in the night ...
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The Reincarnation of Byron

The grit of the city alighting in eyeballs, confounding the warden, the basher of Bibles, the sergeant who mounts like ...
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your hand

thanks for giving me your hand nothing can touch me now ...
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Let’s run with the Moon.

Let’s run with the moon! Watch the sunlight on her face, See the reflection of her smile. You appear with ...
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Gathering around the Sally’s

Gathering around the Sally's. Refusing as they to bend. Voices raised aloft. Not political that's just folly. Green forever and ...
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Ruddy Life

We only have to do two things. For birth and death we don't decide! A matter of science, a matter ...
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Brothers within arms

Personality is owned by both halves Like brothers, but one person. Do I listen to him? Do I reason with ...
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Trust the Book Marketing Process

Growing up in the Chicago area, during Michael Jordan’s career, made me a huge basketball fan. Recently, I’ve been pretty ...
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DIY Book Marketing Guide for Authors

It doesn't matter what stage of the publishing process you're at, book marketing should always be on your radar. We ...
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How deep is your love.

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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