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We have reactivated new user account registrations so now anyone can register and join UKA again without having to email to request a new account.

Also, we’ve decided to move away from scheduled publishing days and instead allow INSTANT submissions. 

We are going to redesign the FrontPage to show ‘editors picks’ and ‘featured submissions’ rather than just a list of ‘latest submissions’.

Prose [ more >> ]

Till Dreams Do You Part

older slightly edited repost,  ...
/ / Flash Fiction / No Comments on Till Dreams Do You Part / 340 words / NEW! /

A Tense Situation

A shopping expedition ...


On a Sunday afternoon, Robert was invited to an Indian family. Although he doesn’t take a liking to spicy food, ...
/ / Flash Fiction / 1 Comment on Strange / 188 words / NEW! /

Email to a reader, CC: Anyone, 16 part E

according to plan there's trouble in paradise ...

No one

Leela aunty, after lunch, was having oranges in her spacious balcony that overlooked the road that was enjoying its lazy ...
/ / Flash Fiction / 7 Comments on No one / 409 words / /

Cold Turkey

Sitting eating leftovers on Boxing day this story came into my head. Only after I had written it did I ...
/ / Festive, Flash Fiction / 2 Comments on Cold Turkey / 1024 words / /

Three Ships

Flash fiction - 400 words ...

Email to a reader, CC: Anyone, part 16

introducing Voice Diogo (a real person from another site who had no problem to become an imaginary voice in this ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

The Ancient Love Lore

My poetry is often experimental, and ranging in themes. Here's one of my latest: ...
/ / No Comments on The Ancient Love Lore / 259 words / NEW! /

Pussies Galore

My daughters told me that I wasn't right when I said that Toby was black and white. He had one ...
/ / 8 Comments on Pussies Galore / 132 words / NEW! /


a response poem ...
/ / 6 Comments on Overly / 24 words / NEW! /

Waiting for an Apology

Waiting for an apology from a quick-judging, self-righteous wrongun is like waiting for a lap-dance and a hand-job from Kim ...
/ / 21 words / NEW! /

Dumbing Down Democracy

My version of Decline and Fall ...
/ / No Comments on Dumbing Down Democracy / 135 words / NEW! /

Family reunion

The Family gathers... around the table they chatter and talk,  emotions mingling amid the clink of glasses,  feasting upon the ...
/ / 3 Comments on Family reunion / 324 words / NEW! /

A song by Rajanikanta Sen, translated

This is a very modest attempt in translating a devotional song written by Rajanikanta Sen. If interested, you may listen ...
/ / 5 Comments on A song by Rajanikanta Sen, translated / 390 words / NEW! /

To my Unborn Son

My unborn son, I drill down through the wires that thread my battered brain and ask, “What kind of world ...
/ / 90 words / NEW! /

Timeless Sleep

  on the regressive path to an earlier self ...
/ / 2 Comments on Timeless Sleep / 88 words / NEW! /

Have you Heard the Rumour Going Round?

Have you heard the rumour going round? They say that all these truck attacks we get, these elbow-scattering bomb-blasts that ...
/ / 271 words / /