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The gap

The gap


With tears
I wash my eyes
yet I cannot see
I can feel you're
here, can sense
your footsteps
but cannot hear you.

The marginal gap,
lightyears away.

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Because my diagnosis,


personality disorder,

the physician said

just focus on 

having one day to live.



sunrise stipend 

serotonin inhibitor 

and an open window.


wet morning,

daydream drifting 

with the sound  

of a distant car engine 

and blown gasket cranium.

Soon someone else 

and ...
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The Fallen.

The Fallen.

How many lie, their memory cloaked

in the love that knows them still.

They live on in the petals of a poppy,

carried on the hearts of those they

cannot know, yet gave their lives to save.

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May life

May life

 May the wind whisper at your back.

May your path be wide.

May your route stay straight and clear.

May you find no fault with others.

May others find no fault with thee.

May life’s journey be joyful and free. 

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in time and space

in time and space

if peace is restored
with power, in time,
it causes another war

if it were to be
brought about with
love and grace
we wouldn't know
what'd happen cause
we'd never visited
that space

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A bunch of ghosts

A bunch of ghosts

T.S. Eliot has suddenly
come back in 2022,
he thought he'd add 
a line or two when he 
re-read the burial
of the dead.

There comes Samuel Beckett
who sees Didi and Gogo
still waiting as they were, long
ago, under the patient
tree, he steals the line from
the Bard pours ...
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It will soon be Halloween. A little timely Halloween poem. Nothing much just a jot.

Things that go bump and make me jump!

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Double trouble

Double trouble

words, actions
pristine water
boiling oil,
the world willy-nilly
a hot potato

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Life and death

Life and death

The countries may be yours,
the soil belongs to us.

The boundaries may be yours,
the earth belongs to us.

The struggle may be yours,
the rubble belongs to us.

The soldiers may be yours,
but the floods of blood,
the heartwrenching tears,
that inundate the drowning world
belongs only ...
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