Vomit City

Just another night

Vomit City


I was stumbling home

the rain had turned to hail.

Ahead staggered a woman

Spewing in the gutter

Looking very pale.

So I lifted her from

The sodden ground

and said I’d walk her home.

She pointed out and mumbled

And off we went on her trail.

We came to a dark door

Behind was sounds of cheer

She asked me in

“Come and have a beer”.

The house was full of people.

I didn’t know even one.

Couples touched in corners


So I opened up a can

And started looking at her books.

They were all full of murder

Mysteries and loss.

Cheap pulp that blinded me.

And the music was loud and shit.

She smeared her lips

Across my face I could smell the puke.

She asked me to come and fuck her!

We staggered up the carpetless stairs.

I wasn’t really ready.

So I wasn’t disappointed 

When she fell asleep.

I quietly walked out

And round the corner home.

I really hadn’t lost anything

And slept with a clear mind.


© Mentalelf 2023
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Just one little correction to this stream of consciousness.:

Looking very pail.

Assuming you meant “pale”


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