Cat On The Wall

  A single thought that germinates, Either builds bridges or annihilates. Gasp in disbelief at actions of a powerful few, Brazenly carried out in full public view. Manufacturing fear psychosis with such impunity, Orchestrating chaos with hatred and animosity. Existences denied, conscience set on flight mode, Since when did our values so much erode? Screens shielding it, scripting our fall.

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The Last Laugh

  It takes a genius acuity to play a joker, As many grey cells juggled, as in game of poker. His hilarity keeps our risorious muscle on the move, Unwittingly with sides splitting, fall into his zany groove. Prances, skips, tumbles, falls, reviving our spirits, the funny clown. Doctors say, “laugh with him” to avoid wearing a johnny gown, Behind

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