Peaceful Warriors


Pen of poets gives them prowess to be warriors with fortitude,
Across nations breaking barriers, fighting battles in solitude.
As they burn midnight oil to sit in silence and pen,
Their pen creates many an inspiring work to reckon.
To protect, restore and expose murky truth, their pen keeps up its fight,
No matter the milieu, it never shies from expounding what is right.
Ink flows the message across oceans to reach each continent,
Poet’s pen power breezes through, its outreach immense and imminent.
A sword’s metre long blade, fierce and sharp when unleashed,
Cannot achieve what humble tip of their pen can, when published.
Destruction needs no thought, sword just breaks and slays,
But to build, to ingress many a fortress with elan, the role their pen plays.
When States are run as an entity making war a profitable business,
Their pen comes to the fore, laying threadbare, its hollow messiness.
Shaking up from within, the Zen lying dormant therein.
A sleeping society awakes to the debris they are lying in.
Tagore, Bharti, Angelou, Neruda, Langston, Kahlo and the Beat Bards,
Didn’t their pen awaken society by inking the whole nine yards?
Poet’s pen never sheds blood nor thrusts hardships on mankind,
Its quest is to seek the truth to answers, hard to find.
As their pen scribbles away stories of hope and success,
Many lives are shielded from meaningless war and its excess.
Seeing innocent people at peril, their pen makes a relentless appeal,
War does no good to any side, for the State to grow wise and repeal.
Peaceful pacts by their pens inked with wit and wisdom,
History has seen it, saving from doom many a kingdom.
Letting ink flow to harmonic cadence of poetic chimes,                              Poets are peaceful warriors, much needed in present times! 

© Gomathi 2023
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I know that of late I have been critical of some of your writing techniques but I hope you’d tell me if you think I am interfering, as I am about to do now, but bear in mind that my aim is to help not to hinder. Here in the UK we have a radio show called ‘Just a minute’. To play you must speak for a minute on a given subject. If you hesitate, repeat yourself, or deviate, an opponent will interrupt and take the subject. You will probably guess that what I will say about this poem is… Read more »

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