A Paragon

An unresolved question

Many of us have met
someone of his ilk.
He spoke with authority,
his voice wasn’t stentorian
but smooth as silk.
Proud of being self-made,
not afraid of hard work,
he called a spade a spade
even though we knew
that it was a fork.
No use pretending
he wasn’t unbending,
denying that he had
a bee in his bonnet:
he expected employees
to be obsequiously obeisant.
There was no latitude
in his attitude.
Some thought he was
a typical tyrant,
whilst many others
called him a paragon.
The question is unresolved,
it’s something to chew on.
© Luigi Pagano 2021




© ionicus 2023
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No doubt those he made money for the ones who called him the Paragon! My last ‘boss’ was a tyrant. He did me a favour by being the cause of my starting up my own business… he was the last straw in a series of straws! Nice one, Luigi.


Oh yes, known this type of “boss” and, as you point out Luigi, definitely a case of insecurity aka an inferiority complex.


Thanks again Luigi. Sadly, there are too many of them.
Val x


Can I join the party? Oh yes, haven’t we met him! Mine wasn’t quite “I didn’t get where I am today….bla…bla”, but he would come out with some gems – such as “make a mental note on a piece of paper”. Another gem Luigi.

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