Affluenza – a haibun

  An attempt at writing a haibun… They say he suffers from affluenza… An affliction that leads to sloth, obesity and a general tendency towards self-gratification. His domestic employees only remain in his household as the money is good and helps to compensate for his temper tantrums, his fastidiousness and his demanding nature. His spouse however cannot tolerate him any

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Dead Clever

‘What a glorious island darling sunshine, beautiful sea, this romantic bungalow, our own sailing dinghy. Simply perfect.’ ‘Drink your iced tea my dear or it’ll get warm.’ Moira drank deeply ‘shall I call the houseboy to bring more?’ ‘I gave him the afternoon off dearest.’ ‘Well I’ve had enough tea anyway.’ Yes, you certainly have my dear.’ Whatever do you

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Table for One

I don’t need to say ‘Table for one’ any more. The waiter has stopped saying it as well. He would always end with the little upward inflection that seemed to mock my single state. Or maybe that was just my imagination. But I don’t think so. Why had he taken so long to stop saying it? Of course I wanted

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