They are always there,
the suppressors, the subjectors,
just waiting for you to assail you
to bring you under domination,
but you will always sneak away
and find your own recess at bay,
a secret corner of your own,
where you can continue thriving,
modeling your personality
in an expansion going on forever.
The only effect of intimidation
is renewed integrity and strength,
a more integral system of protection,
increase of your anonymity and isolation
but for long term constructivity and strategy
to only always reappear
in glorious resurrection
simply as a course of nature.


© lailaroth 2023
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Hi lailaroth
I like the pace of this it has a bold brash feel to it and I think it would comes across really well as a spoken piece, I would prefer to see a bit more show rather than tell but none the less I still enjoyed your poem.Keith

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