No nonsense, please.
I never had a talent for addiction.
Others are dependent on the fucking fakebook
for their social network petty nonsense,
but it is no longer any honest social network
but a business corporation only
raking profits from their users,
using them for making money,
having then no other use for them.
There is no idealism left
but only cynical short-sighted profiteering,
while a user with no business interest,
but of personal expression only, has no rights
– it is enough to be reported to lose everything
without consideration of the person who gets killed.
My account has been expropriated with the loss
of 1400 notes and poems and some 20,000 pictures,
locked away and hidden with no visibility to anyone
to only be restored on the submission of a digital ID,
which people generally get around by faking,
which is easy – there are detailed technical instructions on the web,
which underscores the character of Fakebook.
There are other centres of Support and Help
Which give instructions how you may unlock your own account,
but they are phoney, leading you around to nowhere,
faking willingness to help in cruel cynicism;
while I still get notifications daily
of what’s going on among my friends on Facebook.
I will wait and patiently stand by
until that day when Facebook gets more rational,
abolishing the obstacle of worthless and illegal digital IDs
and reforming the abominable system of reporting.
Meanwhile there are safer places
for my poems, notes and photo albums.



© lailaroth 2023
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