Thank God for feminism


Just don’t let it put you down,
that squeamish scrupulous meticulousness
appertaining to the oversensitivity of female delicacy
leading to the pettiest of pedantry.
Forget all that and look to beauty,
disregard the coarse uncouthness of the masculine barbarity
and let it be replaced by all the virtues of true femininity,
the modesty and delicacy of consideration
and the touch of suaveness in the magic
of the sieve of lovable romanticism,
that alone makes life endurable
by that unique spice of eternity called love.
Forget the sexes and the genders, love is all that matters
constantly transcending every limit
and surpassing all in life that is affected
by that petty and ignoble menace called mortality.


© aurelio 2023
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