Shipwrecked comfort



You really should not worry
since it really does not matter.
The oppressors never know what they are doing,
and their sabotage and harassment of innocents
serve only to unite them firmer in their love,
which actually is only cultivated by this cruelty.
I do not understand the senselessness of this stupidity.
If someone is offended by a picture it’s his own problem,
while the picture can’t be blamed for being dumb and dead.
Illegally demanding an ID is worse as an absurdity,
a web site can’t rely on any digital ID
since all you need is Photoshop to fake it,
and even if a legal ID is submitted
I have heard that Facebook won’t accept it anyway.
You only get disabled and locked out when someone doesn’t like you,
as disabling is the only way for Facebook to express dislike.
It’s childish and inane, of course,
a grown-up Kindergarten for the furthering of immaturity,
and I don’t think there is a precedent for locking out a poet
from a social network from her right of natural communication –
that if anything is violating basic human rights
and any constitutional amendment;
while the worst absurdity of all is even asking for a digital ID
from any stranger living in an alien country far away.
I’m sorry, but I cannot take it seriously,
they can’t shut down my poetry or kill it off,
and no one else should worry either,
since the love sustaining it will just go on being sustained.


© lailaroth 2023
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