Stuck in love


What’s better and what’s worse –
the nightmare of uncertainty
or the force of jealousy?
When the communication lines don’t work
and you are left like on a desert island in a void,
the nightmares of uncertainty and jealousy pursuing you
and haunting you and hunting you to death each night,
not knowing what your love is doing in whose arms,
while all that you can do yourself is wallowing in self-torment,
like in the strait-jacket of cruelty of destiny
much worse than any hospitalization;
your sole comfort is that you still love her
and will go on doing so no matter what she does,
since no one can get out of that heart she has entered.


© aurelio 2023
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You should use the poetry tag I keep missing your poems

Yes it can be tough to come out of a relationship when one isn’t ready.

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