The Man Who Invented Women

Roaming my back catalogue .. this is from 2009

The Man Who Invented Women

It was Charlie Ames that invented women. We were shooting craps in the barn, sitting cross-legged in the dirt. Some of the other guys looked in now and then. The big doors would creak open, allowing great shafts of sunlight to beam across the floor, then they would slam shut behind them raising a cloud of dust.

There hadn’t been girls for ages. Somehow whatever it was affected them most. Many of the men went as well. We sure missed them. The girls, that is.

‘I got an idea.’ Charlie said all of a sudden. And he told us.

And it worked. Soon we had women again. We had dances, walks in the moonlight. We got cussed at and cold-shouldered, made to feel small, made to feel big. It was great.

Charlie does something to them, changes them. The boys I mean. It’s pretty good. They have a few rough edges, that’s natural. Generally they’re fine though. My little Amy was a good wife.

For a while.

It’s something about how Charlie changes them. Something gets into them, and they don’t last long. Just a few years generally. Amy held on for four, but it was difficult at the end. Some guys put them out of their misery, but that’s a hard thing to do.

But it’s worth it. Life is back to normal, it’s fun again. We have something to work for, live for.

But it will end soon. We are running out of boys.

This morning, though, Charlie had another idea. Me and the guys are off today to find some suitable size animals. We’ll see what Charlie can do.

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