The New Year’s Eve

A story for all the supposed modern girls out there. Disha checked the time on her mobile. 11:30 PM. She rolled over in her bed, scrolling through the New Year’s Eve pictures of her friends on her social media feed. Had her best friend Aditi not cancelled the plan at the last moment, she would have been in the most posh

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Chapter 04: Angels of Death

Chapter 04 of the City Of Gargoyles – the second book of the Light-Father Chapter 04: Angels of Death       “Brother Spero,” Father Ursaf said to the pilot of Bede Angel Seven. “Father Beorcraft did not believe me but I remain convinced our fugitives are hiding in those buildings below us.”     “How are you feeling, Father? You said

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Chapter 02: Scatterlings

The second chapter of The City of Gargoyles – second book of the Light-Father trilogy   Chapter 02: Scatterlings ====================     The Tower of the Sun, once the home of a powerful merchant dynasty, rose above Uppermost as did fourteen others and all of them as tall as the Tower of Grieving. Uppermost was a town built upon the highest

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