My love – My Sparkling Lamington

I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it………..


House boy invited me to a party, but what I experienced was a bizarre chain of events which included falling in love with a cake of all things.

It had an A on it, just a tiny tab with a simple letter, but it meant a lot more than just A. This was the letter that would lead me to my love. Although, at the time I didn’t know it.

“Just drop the letter and go with it,” he said.

I knew him, so I did as he suggested. Settling back to enjoy my letter I took a lamington from the packet that was being passed around. Feeling slightly cottonmouthed, I held the cake thinking it would be best to save it for a little later on.

Quiet guy sat nearby mumbling about another guy being suspicious. Smiling at the shiny stainless steel plate of the iron, he nodded as if to get acquainted. Maybe he was some sort of narc or maybe not, I’m not sure why he was making friends with a domestic appliance though.

Suspicious guy got up and was wandering from room to room. I don’t know why. I followed him with my eyes and wondered what he was up to.  Meanwhile, House boy had disappeared into the bedroom with just another in a long line of conquests.

I looked down at my hand to see what I was holding and there it was, the forgotten lamington I had chosen earlier. Of all the lamingtons in the packet, this was the one I had picked. “Oh my God!” I stared at the small coconut coated cake in adoration and it sparkled back at me. Besotted, I gazed at my lamington with nothing less than love, while around me the rest of the party continued, oblivious of the new relationship blossoming between us.

“Are you going to eat that?”

I tore my gaze from my beautiful lamington to see who had spoken. Hair cut guy sat on the sofa eyeing my beloved in a predatory way. What he didn’t realise was my lamington was special and couldn’t be eaten. A rare chance had offered me a way to see through the rough exterior of white lumpy desiccation and chocolate, into the soul of the sugary treat. Perhaps it had the heart of an angel or a unicorn, which gave it the ability to show it’s real side. A strength possessed by the cake to enchant all who noticed it’s wonder. Maybe it was magic, or maybe just the letter I dropped.

“Are you going to eat that?”

I’d forgotten about Hair cut guy. He really wanted my lamington. Perhaps there was something he knew that I didn’t. Could he see it sparkling the way I could? I wanted to ask, but it was clear that if he got too close, he would eat it.

By this time there were others in the room. They probably wanted my cake too. Blonde girl and her friends announced they were going to the shop. House boy had emerged from the bedroom, and his conquest was going out with Blonde girl. Suspicious guy was nowhere to be seen, and the narc was on the floor in the hallway gazing at his mobile phone screen in the same way I looked upon my lamington.

Again I looked at my sweetheart and noticed it had changed slightly. The shininess was disappearing, and its sparkle dulled as my letter faded. Slowly I squeezed the lamington as if to put it out of it’s misery. No longer would it shine like a beacon of love and I handed it over to Hair cut guy who ate it immediately.

House boy wanted to watch some ridiculous movie, and as the crowd subsided we settled in to watch it with him, but it was stupid so I left with the narc.

As we stepped out of the house in the grey morning light, the world was once again ordinary.


© Sandra1963 2023
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Interesting observational short could be a film called Reservoir Cakes. 😉

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