Wish Me Happy Birthday

Wish her happy birthday… Today I have turned one. I still remember the day I was born. I opened my bleary eyes and looked around. Like other newborns, I didn’t cry. But everybody else did. My eyes darted from one person to another in the hospital room. The void within me was spreading like wildfire. Suddenly, my hand jerked back

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The New Year’s Eve

A story for all the supposed modern girls out there. Disha checked the time on her mobile. 11:30 PM. She rolled over in her bed, scrolling through the New Year’s Eve pictures of her friends on her social media feed. Had her best friend Aditi not cancelled the plan at the last moment, she would have been in the most posh

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Chapter 02: Scatterlings

Chapter 02 of The City of Gargoyles – the second book of the Light-Father trilogy Scatterlings       Uppermost was a town built for the elite upon the roof of Milverburg. It boasted mansions, fountains, theatres, ornamental gardens, parades, galleries, banks, shops and government offices. Every building was adorned with art and sculptures but there was little theme or

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