Chess and Memory.

The competition asked for ‘A short factual – maybe humorous article about the problems associated with getting older, from a personal perspective.’ Some of the responses were predictable:- aches and pains, losing hair and teeth, failing eyesight, losing driving ability, etc. I wrote the following, and submit it here just to see if I have done things correctly and if

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Trapped. Goad ‘A’m Hungry, whit A wid dae furra a16 0z steak wi aw the trimmings, onion rings and chips, aw that’s whit a could go right noo,”Charlie mused. “Right, ma turn, Cottage pie wi cabbage, loads ae cabbage, wi a salty broon gravy,” said Davy smacking his lips. The lamp flickered again; the pit walls could be seen seeping

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Electric John

He was fed and nourished from the lives of others having no descernible life of his own. To the cast members of The Rugby Players he was ‘Electric John’, responsible for Lights, Limes and Spots. The Stage Crew called him ‘John’ for some unfathomable reason. Being artistic and believing ourselves blessed with a waspish sense of humour, we felt it

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