Some horror story, more common than anyone would like to see…

If you want sex, keep out of me
and stick to gigolos and May-flies,
temporary satisfactions that will ditch you afterwards
and willingly forget the corpses they walked over,
treating you like any ordinary slut,
reducing you to common status of just any prostitute,
a common girl who wants get laid
ignoring the inevitable aftermath
that afterwards she will be crying all her life.
I wanted love and friendship
of endurability and lasting worth,
true intimacy, trust and faith,
a friend in whom you could confide
and not just superficial sexual satisfaction.
Keep then to your prostitutes, adventurers and tramps
and common shallow marriage swindlers
who will just exploit you, use you and devour you
to leave you afterwards dissolved in never-ending tears.

© aurelio 2022
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