I was happy when I saw you
and most miserable when I lost you
by the wanton cruelty of fate
that never hesitates to ruin you
whenever possible,
and most especially on rare occasions
when you finally think you have reached some happiness.
It is the law of circumstances natural impersonal,
that what you most would wish would last
must least of all have any chance to last.
But worst of all is this horrific lack of certainty
that leaves you hanging in the air
in most outrageous suspense,
wondering and brooding unto madness
whether love is really lost or not,
and she that left you does not know herself
and therefore can’t inform you.
Friends of comfort tell you: Let her go,
and go yourself another way
and find love anywhere
except where it has left you.
Has it left you? No, but it is gone.
There is the problem:
love unanswered, unfulfilled and alienated,
and there is another cosmic law for you:
love never can be satisfied.

© aurelio 2022
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