The silent sounds in between

Poor power

Power is poor

when you want importance,

prominence by highlighting

your visible possessions, positions,

your focus is on the other,

their looks and their voices.

When you show

how you are lost in your 

flesh-bone identity traps and threats,

how worried and stressed you are

safeguarding your stance,

how you have to work to win,

make things happen for you

at the cost of those others

whose looks and voices haunt you.

Pure power

Power is pure

when you give importance,

prominence by realizing

your unadulterated connection

with the higher self,

when you find your true identity

beyond your body, you listen to your

own rhythm and voice,

when you see

how relaxed you are

with the gains and losses you have

earned and learned

in the forever well-wishing drama of life’

how work is done,

everyone with you wins

and how everything happens

on its own.

© supratik 2023
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