Liberation or death


paraphrasing O.Henry

Either it’s a free web or it’s not.
If it’s not, it’s not for me.
It’s a question of principle.
The web was made to be free,
free of charge and thus available to everyone,
but if there’s censorship and charges,
if you get locked out of accounts you yourself created,
if there is intimidation and bullying,
like malicious reporting just to make a nuisance,
if you are intellectually silenced,
as all dictators and autocracies wish to do,
vainly trying to control the process of free thought,
then the web is not free but corrupt,
abused and turned to service of paranoia,
to serve private interest instead of the common good,
for some to use for their own ends against the lot
instead of being of good use to all
by liberating information and communication.
If you are against this you serve restriction and suppression
by unsoundness, instead of serving the health of communication.

© lailaroth 2023
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I share the sentiments of this web-manifesto and reiterated statements. Mitch

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