Suckers All

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God but these young girls are so bloody gullible he thought. You can spin ‘em any old yarn and they’ll swallow it. This would be his sixth this year and it was only May. Suckers all of ‘em.

He hit the keyboard again ‘So, you up for a meet then?’

‘Yeah, I reckon, I’ll PM yer tomoz.’

‘Cool. Night then.’

He knew she’d agree, they always did. He looked at Google Earth planning the location. It was foolproof. He’d check it out in the morning though just to be sure. One can’t be too careful these days he thought. He’d make sure of an escape route should everything not go plan. He breathed in deeply his anticipation tasting like sweet nectar. He’d make her come Saturday morning that was the best time for him it meant no time off work.

Spot on five o’clock Friday night she came online as arranged ‘Hi you OK, dude?’

‘Yeah, cool Molly, you?’

‘Fine, I took those photos you wanted’

‘Great when will you upload ‘em?’

‘Ain’t going to Dave that shit gets around too easy, it happened to my friend Sally. I’ll give when we meet if I like you, yeah?’

‘Yeah, OK, I’m cool with that. What happened to Sal?

‘She sent nudies of herself to a lad she fancied and he posted around school.’

‘Wow, what a dork.’

‘Yeah, glad you understand. OK, I reckon you’re cool so we’ll face 2 face, yeah?’

‘Yeah, lookin’ forward 2 it.’

Fenton Hayes, thirty-two-year-old plumber and prolific paedophile, switched off his computer and opened a beer. Another lamb to the slaughter. This one seemed to have her head screwed on a bit more than the others but hey, she’d be just as easy once they met.

That Saturday morning he was early. The park was quiet, just a few dog walkers in the distance. The spot he’d chosen was ideal, it was near the entrance so she wouldn’t get cold feet doing a long walk to a remote place. The mature trees twenty-five metres to his left had thick bushes growing between them. Perfect for what he had in mind. He’d take the photos off her first. Great blackmail material intimate photos. That was usually enough to keep ‘em quiet about what happened.

He felt in his pocket condom’s lubricant gell and wipes all in order. He glanced at his watch and moved out onto the seat as arranged. His blag story was that Dave, his nephew, was waiting in the car because he was shy. He anticipated a few objections but he was ready for them. He had a photo of the anonymous good-looking young lad he’d used as Dave his online persona. He rehearsed it in his head, the broad winning smile, the disarming attitude. ‘He’s in the car park just the other side of those trees silly lad. He gave me his photo to prove I’m genuine. It’s just fifty yards that’s all. I’ll make sure you’re safe, Molly.’

Once under cover of the trees ah, then the magic moment.

His daydream was interrupted by footsteps. The woman looked in her mid-thirties and seemed to be in a hurry walking past taking no notice of him. At the last second, she turned to face him.

‘Dave? Or should I say Fenton Hayes?’

His heart sank and a sick feeling gripped the pit of his stomach. A second later wild panic engulfed him as he half rose looking to his escape route through the trees and onto the car park.To his dismay, three burly coppers were approaching from that direction.

The woman didn’t wait for his answer ‘Fenton Hayes I’m Detective Sergeant Alice Baylor Child Protection Unit. I’m arresting you on suspicion of grooming a child for sexual purposes….’ She continued to read him his rights whilst the constables closed in to handcuff him.

Hayes was confused and trembling, his head spun as they thrust him into the back of the police car ‘Did Molly report me then?’ he asked in a small weak voice.

‘Molly only exists on a police computer mate’ said Sergeant Baylor a smile of grim satisfaction playing on her lips ‘you were suckered.’

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Nice little story if a bit flatly recounted. Punctuation and grammar could do with a touch up, but no major car crashes. 🙂

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