Dead facts in living fiction

Stories are imaginations from facts,

facts derived from stories.

The link never dies.

Form of life lies

in facts and fictions

through croaking words,

memories travel like a nomad

on the lost-and-found stage,

the dais collapses in the oceans of habits,

more of same habits

and surfaces again

with a hope to be written down

and trapped afresh, as if new, in the books

whose pages flutter like a calendar,

the sole object that the ceiling fan

excites in a gloomy room.


In the midst of modern living

imagination is also hijacked,

dark circles prevail around

every pair of eyes

that sees like a mastered horse,

disillusioned by the sounds of gallops

as free will.


This continues in the pool of life

where the imaginative animal

dies like a frog.


Facts and fictions keep on

insisting, arguing, back-chatting

whether the frog is actually a toad

and if it is really dead or living.

© supratik 2023
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