Socio (second half)

Shannon is a very average woman who doesn’t have much money. Dr. Angelica Warren is a wealthy specialist with a luxury high-rise condo. When Shannon loses her apartment to a fire in her gang-infested neighborhood, Dr. Warren is quick to take her in. Suddenly, Shannon has everything…a safe neighborhood, gourmet food, access to medical care, tons of amenities, the freedom

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Chapter 03: The Naked One

Chapter 03 of the City of Gargoyles – Second Book in the Light-Father Trilogy Chapter 03: The Naked One       “Shhh! Children, be quiet!” Abbot Michael said, peering through the door of the ruined farmhouse. “Tally-men have sharp ears and I should know: I augmented their hearing.”     “Everyone is exhausted,” Surl protested wearily at his side. “We have

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    This is my current entry for Lancashire magazine’s short story comp. The word limit is 1200. Theme is Murder, it must include references to Lancashire locations and history. Last time I got second prize. (£50 M&S voucher and a year’s subscription) J K Rowling it ain’t but it’s a start. 🙂   Every morning around three a.m. Mrs

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