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 Bubble has always been a subject of curiosity, daintily airborne, rising gracefully!


Donning a rainbow cape, the bubble rises higher,
Clinging onto thin film, its dreams aspire.
To reach the skies, its heart is set on fire,
Stays buoyed up in the air by trapped in desire.
Eyes looking through kaleidoscope,
Fuelled by belief, padded with wings of hope.
Soaring on a tightrope, learns tricks of trade to cope,
Staves off from pin pricks and the downward slope.
Bubble grows big, by now bursting at the seams,
Do not know when it might give way, spilling all its dreams.
Is pride flowing in, making it to bloat?    Or is it fury that fills it, weighing from afloat.
Will the bubble choose to lose or brave it all and win,
Just an inch away from downfall if it gives in.
Oblivious to all odds, up and up it goes… the ephemeral high-flyer!
Know not what it takes for a bubble to rise… higher and higher.




© Gomathi 2020
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Beauty, delicate vulnerability, and forlorn hope would sum up, be symbolised by, the soap bubble for me, Gomathi. I like the way you find all the things that could describe its life and destiny, almost like it’s a cultural thing, giving inanimate objects human characteristics to describe their reason for being, even when not being used obviously metaphorically? The layout is bit tricky spacing-wise, but the site is not so user-friendly in this respect. You might try highlighting the whole piece and clicking on ‘1’ on the lower tool line, which should get it all evenly spaced again, allowing you… Read more »


I really like this bubble, it’s brave, forward looking and determined.
There is a lot packed into this bubble’s heart, very inspiring. Sue x

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