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As dawn ushers in the day whispering secrets into mist, weaving magical motifs in sky…a poem is born


Met a mystique beauty in mountains, left bewitched by her smiles,

Her tranquil notes wake all birds in  woods and meadows for miles.

She gently whispers in the mist to drops of dew on grass,

As  dark dimlit skies unveil magical hues enmasse.

Purple, pink, orange, blue, greying into golden streaks,

Shyly spreads a splendid canopy high over mountain peaks.

Nature stirs slowly to a sublime serenity,

Fresh, blithe bathed in mild light, bursts into bountiful gaiety.

Chill breeze fills senses with dawn’s delightful fragrance,

Blushing like a bride, blossoms to reveal a heavenly radiance.

Skylarks, thrushes, bulbuls and magpies, chirpings of nestlings,

Filling a fresh moist milieu with resonance of dawn chorusing.

Sun lingers behind the hill lending magic to dawn’s parade,

Hesitating to pause the paraphernalia as moon begins to fade,

Joining in the musical motif, early birds begin to fly,

Pine oak forests still.. silhoutted against an empurpled sky.

Blissful to witness dawn unfurl its musical silence in poise,

Leaving us mesmerised in a trance, meditation by choice.

Silence changes the mood subtly, music colouring the mind,

Awareness dawns that in dawn’s solitude lies life’s secrets to find.








© Gomathi 2023
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If this is paradise, then you’ve done brilliantly at describing what it would look like. I’m awestruck at just how much effort has been put into writing this gorgeous scene.

Very much enjoyed reading.


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