Oh Enigmatic Elements Five

A ballad seeking answers from the Five Elements.


Oh enigmatic Elements Five!
Where do your untold secrets lie?

Air with your gentle flow in breeze,
Breath of life else it would cease;
Where do you hide your furious storm?
Unleashing it to destruct and deform.

Be a petal and brave the breeze said Air looking spry,
You will find it in the flutter of wings in a butterfly.

In a trance, dancing in that flame, what a tranquil sight!
Sustaining mankind, burning away to give us heat and light.
Where do you hide your raging inferno, Oh Fire?
Turning all that comes to you, into cinders with your ire.

Be that moth, in eternal love with me, bellowed Fire,
You will see it in my spark that lights both lamp and a pyre.

Bearing all on the planet, spinning at a gentle pace,
Earth you carry, give birth and nurture with patience and grace.
Where do you harbour all your anger that shatters and shakes?
Erupting into volcanoes and upheavals by quakes.

Be a farmer and till lands, said Earth looking green,
You will find it in that seed whose roots run deep, unseen.

Elixir of life, mankind’s sole thirst quencher,
Water calm and cool in river, pond or pitcher.
Where do you hide your deluge and surging tsunami?
Submerging all with your waves, rough and stormy.

Be a sailor, tame the seas, dive and dig out said Water.
You will find it in that drop, cradled in an oyster.

Embedded with sun moon and stars in your serene skies,
Ether! You inspire a bard to ink poesies, loving warm and nice.
Where do you hide the blitz and bolts of lightning and thunder?
Fearsomely striking and splitting old trees asunder.

Be a tiny blade of grass that grows in an alpine meadow,
You will get to see it, said Sky, up in the arc of my rainbow.




© Gomathi 2023
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Hello Gomathi,
This is a lovely thoughtful poem asking questions of the elements as all can be good servants and terrifying masters.
We need to spend more time appreciating the natural world around us that calls for balance incessantly within and without.
Nice to read you.
Alison x


I think this would make a lovely folk song, or as you suggest a ballad, the lines are full of the earth’s natural flow and nature in all her perfection. Sue x


This rings like Witches chants or the sing song spell crafting. I like the preface and the interaction with nature and elemental beings here. Thanks for the lovely read on this cold November morning.


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