Temporary Signal Failure

Train spotter nearly side-tracked into getting a life!
Pic: of Sydenham Hill Station, my own


As in everyday,
at our awesome vantage point
spotting Class 458 Juniper* electrics,

pencilling in numbers, it dawned on me,
factory girls streaming by
mornings, evenings, weekdays,
were lovely creatures,
especially one, lately adored
“Julia Francesco Appecello”….

…..but, after seventeen days
on an emotional roller-coaster,
suffering her mood swings, threats,
tantrums, signing consentials…strewth
I’d had enough!

Back in prime position on the viaduct,
too right…damned if love’s
gonna ruin my life!



*soon to be replaced by Class 701 Aventras

♥ loved her name more than I loved her…



© Gothicman 2023
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