Find Me


Can you find her?

‘Who saw the body first?’

The maid stared at the lifeless body lying on the bed, her eyes widened, lips quivering. She stayed put, tears flowing down her face.

The Inspector repeated himself, his voice high-pitched. It shook her to the core. She looked up. ‘I-I did.’ She stammered, her breathing heavy and quick.

‘What did you do next?’

She gulped nervously. ‘I sh-shouted. I ran out of the room and called out to Madam…but…’

Her eyes swept back to the blood-covered body. She added, ‘I didn’t find her. I-I searched the entire house…but sh-she…’ Her voice trailed off.

The Inspector leaned back in his chair. ‘But she had vanished by that time.’ He sneered and shifted his gaze to the constable. ‘This was doomed to happen. An old rich man and a gorgeous young wife – huh! Plain as day!’

The constable laughed sheepishly as he nodded approval.

The Inspector signaled the maid to leave the room. ‘These rich old men are nothing but brainless pigs!’ He remarked as he left the Mansion with his team.

A silhouette of a woman stood by the window. A smirk crossed her lips. ‘So are you.’ She muttered. Then she moved to the mirror in her room and looked at her reflection. ‘Keep looking for me all over the city, Inspector. I bet you’ll never find me.’ She broke into a vicious laughter. ‘How would you?’ She splashed water on her face and gingerly took the latex mask off her face. ‘I’ll be right in front of your eyes under the guise of a naive maid.’

© chirasree 2023
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