The New Year’s Eve

A story for all the supposed modern girls out there.

Disha checked the time on her mobile. 11:30 PM. She rolled over in her bed, scrolling through the New Year’s Eve pictures of her friends on her social media feed. Had her best friend Aditi not cancelled the plan at the last moment, she would have been in the most posh pub in town, dancing the night away to the peppy Bollywood numbers. It was all set. She had got the tickets, the perfect red dress and a matching pair of boots. But who knew it was too soon to jump for joy.

Around eight she had received a text from Aditi – can’t make it…sorry.

Disha was about to close her eyes to sleep when she heard a soft knock on her door. It meant Aditi was back. She jumped out of her bed and opened the door.

‘What the hell was…’ Disha paused.

Aditi looked devastated. ‘He broke up with me.’ She sat down on the floor with a thump.

Disha sat down beside her; she remained silent.

‘He said…,’ Aditi continued, ‘I’m not a kind of girl a boy would like to spend his life with…I’m too modern for a simple guy like him. I-I…’ She broke down.

Disha hugged her tightly. ‘It’s not…’ She started but Aditi extricated herself and jumped to her feet.

‘I’ve decided to quit partying, drinking, dressing up this way and do whatever it takes to have him back in my life.’

Disha stood. She grabbed Aditi’s hand and dragged her out to the balcony. ‘You know what you need right now?’

Aditi gave her a blank, puzzled look.

‘Cry your eyes out, shout till your voice breaks…and once your tears dry up, down some beers and abuse that jerk.’

Aditi smiled through her tears. ‘Our New Year’s Eve is screwed.’

‘Well, yeah…but you know what modern girls do in this situation – they put up a smile, raise a toast to life and say – thank you for the lesson.’

© chirasree 2023
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You touch upon the soft corners of our modern living through very short verse-like proses. The name Disha is so wonderfully chosen. Way to go Chirasree. Be serious to sit by the table and write daily to hone your skills. Blessings.


Agree with Supratik! You’ve a gift of writing flash fiction. Kept engrossed till the end. Liked the discussion between Disha (yes, the name aptly chosen, in this context) and Aditi. Just when I was reminded of Jab we Met.. you brought in your own wisdom and wrapped it up in style! Keep us entertained and engrossed..


it is a good short story and I think you must try the flash fiction challenges here, the most recent one is Confusion. I do hope that one day this site will have a forum for Open or Reopened challenges. many people just hate deadlines.

Well done and welcome to UKA.


I know that Yash means Victory and Anil means air, Dheeraj means Patience and another name I keep forgetting means Symbol, now I am curious what does Disha mean? and Aditi?


good job, a faithful low-key account. niggles “most posh” and “dancing the night away”. perhaps end on :thanks”, “for the lesson” implicit.

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