Burying the past




Burying the past


He was staring into my eyes.

“The past is the past, we don’t live there anymore.

It needs to be buried….let it go; we need to move on”

“Indeed” I replied…as I pulled the trigger.

Even with the suppresser, the noise of the shot sounded loud.

The shock on his face as the bullet hit him in the chest;

he thought he had reached me.

I stepped forwards as he fell back, and fired again.

This time a head shot, the coup-de-gras.

Now the past was in the past, now I could bury it.  

Now I could move on. I reached for the shovel.      

© mikeverdi 2020
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Bloody Hell Mike, you don’t take prisoners, do you? Great start to a Clint Western! Hahaha! A bit merciless in spite of his reasonable mutual resolution of the road-rage incident? I wondered why I saw so many roadside crosses driving along the A30! Well, if you’re going to bury the past, might as well do it Sopranos style! Only one mistake, you should have got him to dig his own grave before you shot him, saves energy! Bloody hell!


Love it, love it, love it. No quarter, I say and how clever is the bit about ‘burying the past’. Yes, this is succinct and scenic. A very nice bit of flash.

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