Burying the past




Burying the past


He was staring into my eyes.

“The past is the past, we don’t live there anymore.

It needs to be buried….let it go; we need to move on”

“Indeed” I replied…as I pulled the trigger.

Even with the suppresser, the noise of the shot sounded loud.

The shock on his face as the bullet hit him in the chest;

he thought he had reached me.

I stepped forwards as he fell back, and fired again.

This time a head shot, the coup-de-gras.

Now the past was in the past, now I could bury it.  

Now I could move on. I reached for the shovel.      

© mikeverdi 2023
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Love it, love it, love it. No quarter, I say and how clever is the bit about ‘burying the past’. Yes, this is succinct and scenic. A very nice bit of flash.

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