The End of Something

It was just milliseconds.

You turned away from me.

A late night biopsy.

A slicing separation silence.

A vitrification of eyes across a room.

A house housed on a fault line.

An erosion failure scenario.

A storm event.


dead decades

are malignant memories.

At times,

moments masquerading as being meaningful,

sometimes catch me out.

And yet,

a quarter of a century later,

I saw a woman on my street.

And although it could never have been.

I stopped and thought

it was you.







© swissterrace 2022
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This is very poignant, swissterrace. Well constructed and an easy read, I found.

“dead decades,
are malignant memories.”

… is particularly inciteful. You can actually feel the pain of the separation. Well done.



A poem of loss and separation. I liked the punched sentences; the lists like blows of regret. A well wrought poem, thank you.


Thanks. Always glad to offer appreciation. Re the profile; it’s what I left out that is interesting.


The pain of a cruelly broken relationship can be hard to forget even if you get on with life and think you’ve put everything behind you. I still remember the day my first love put me down over the phone when I was just 17. And that was a long time ago! Scars always remain no matter how insignificant.

You have made excellent work of putting those feelings into this (as Griff said) poignant piece.

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Ah yes! Strange how our minds work and the things we thought were dead and gone or dealt with, can catch us off guard and resurrect old memories.

Well written poem.

Alison x


A common thing that was written in a striking way right from the beginning. I like your clever use of punctuation. Nothing is dead and final. The end of something has reminded me of that.

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