Fresh Flowers

      Fresh Flowers - Franciman recited by Stormwolf

Following up on a request. The reading is by my great buddy Alison


Fresh Flowers

‘I would have been his widow, if he’d wed me;
But he feared that I’d be grieving all my life.
For a loved him more than you might rightly fathom.
Loved him sore as if I had’ve been his wife.’

There she knelt and placed bright flowers on his gravestone.
All the Flowers o’ the forest in full bloom;
And she kissed spread fingertips, lifted gently to her lips.
Then caressed his name carved on the granite tomb.

‘It would be true to say we each one knew the other.
I mean knowing in the Holy Bible sense.
But we held that knowledge closely to our bosom;
Though we found it hard to master the pretence.’

‘He’s my Tam, as sure as if we’d had the blessing.
One o’ millions that were hung upon the cross.
Spilling blood in Flanders mud, dying for the greater good;
But without his name you’ll not discern my loss.’

In her Nineties; I could see that she must struggle.
So I asked if she’d return again next year.
With a smile she said, ‘Next week, as I’ve done for sixty years.
For each week I bring fresh flowers you see, my dear.’


© franciman 2023
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Gosh! It is pull the heartstrings day! Another very poignant tale, well told, easy to read. (But I tripped on the 3rd line of the opening stanza: Thsat ‘a’ should be something else – yes?)
Makes you appreciate how that generation (only one above me) had this inbuilt determination. In this case to honour the dead.
Thanks for sharing.

Yes Jim, I soon realised that and could not dare come back for the bright red cheeks were like beacons lighting my path!!!!!


Quite apart from the lovely moving poem – my kind of poem, it was a delight to hear Alison reading it; and it would not be the same without the lilt.

Thank you both


This poem could have been titled ‘Sacrifice and loss’
For that theme is through the whole poem.
An age that has past but has so much to teach us today.
It remains one of the most moving poems I ever read and moves me every time I read it.
It is timeless in its depiction of a love that survives death and devotion that remains rock fast over the passage of time.

I only hope I did it justice.
Alison xxx


An excellent poem that is enriched by the lovely voice of Alison
If she could record poems by other poets they could be uploaded on a u-tube channel as suggested by Nicoletta.


I would be delighted to recite anybody’s poem if they asked. I would always however, send them the recording first to make sure it comes over as they wanted it to. I have read many poems screaming out for recitation and some that are better left to paper. This is neither good nor bad. Some poems especially of the more esoteric nature are maybe best left to be read. The door is open 😉 The aim is always to have the poem come alive through sound as well as print. This is subjective so as I say, feel free to… Read more »


oh, i would so much like you to recite one of my poems. Would you? I am always saying a poem must be read aloud…
love from Yutka


I would be honoured Yutka. x


I agree with Allen. Brilliant! That ‘a’ on the third line, could it be ‘I’? Jim, you have excelled here for sure, especially the third stanza! Great work!
Thank you, Alison, for reading the poem so beautifully.

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