Alli is fair inlove and war.

I used to speak to my neighbour,
a widow by the name of Mary
who unlike her fabled namesake
was amenable, not ‘quite contrary’.
She always agreed with my views
and seemed to be a good sport.
I invited her to our house for tea;
we had altogether a good rapport.
That was then but now I’ve doubts
as, rightly or wrongly, I do believe
that she might be another Jezebel
or that she’s being tempted like Eve
to reach and pick a forbidden apple
but this time from my garden tree.
Her conduct has raised my suspicion
and I am consumed by jealousy.
My man, nearly as old as Methuselah,
is the target of her obvious intention.
He is fallible, as all husbands are,
and that has caused a lot of tension.
Her amorous advances must be fought;
I shall endeavour to do that at any cost.
I’m determined to keep the status quo
and ensure that my paradise isn’t lost.
Do I have cause to be so apprehensive?
I don’t know, but maybe I should mention
the old man is cock-a-hoop at the news
and relishes being the centre of attention.
© Luigi Pagano 2021





Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabaay

© ionicus 2023
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Written in the voice of a woman, I found this to be both a little sad and at the same time funny. So well done, Luigi, for capturing that central ground telling a cautionary tale.

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Nice one Luigi; I must confess, I missed the prompt, but enjoyed it non the less as a most apt riff of the green eyed monster; or maybe, she had cause? And that husband!



haha, this poem made me smile, Luigi! I love the narrative and the description of “Jezebel” Actually, I have experienced similar things (though I am not jealous) as many ladies in the neighbourhood flock around the place when my husband is gardening, who, well over 80, is still a fabulous and charming man.(Would not call him a Methuselah yet…)

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