The End of Something

It was just milliseconds.

You turned away from me.

A late night biopsy.

A slicing separation silence.

A vitrification of eyes across a room.

A house housed on a fault line.

An erosion failure scenario.

A storm event.


dead decades

are malignant memories.

At times,

moments masquerading as being meaningful,

sometimes catch me out.

And yet,

a quarter of a century later,

I saw a woman on my street.

And although it could never have been.

I stopped and thought

it was you.







© swissterrace 2023
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Your unique style carries this poem into a memorable ending.


Like the haunting effect produced by line breaks and imagery. You might consider dropping the comma after the word decades and adding a comma after the word later as well as perhaps dropping the phrase I know in the the third to last line. Cheers.


just brilliant! I’m in awe….

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