Mind Games (reworked)




      Mind Games - Stormwolf

Can she really be gone?

My head says yes
but my heart disagrees.
She’s there, sitting in her familiar chair


Viewing old Nairn photographs I ask,
what is she doing at this time?
She’s only ‘up the road’
 Perhaps she’s busy,
knitting a jumper for school
or putting the finishing touches
to her wonderful pastry?

Life and times are an illusion…
webs within webs.
a quantum multiverse
she’s in there somewhere.

I just need to turn off the road
at the next junction…

© stormwolf 2022
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difficult and easy for me to add a little comment on this one, easy because I agree “she is in there somewhere” and difficult because of my head – but not infeasible, I can always choose which one to follow, my heart I know will make it easy again.



I hope you kept or have sat often on your mum’s chair. I feel that if we sit in or hold much loved or used items of someone dear to us there will be a kind of transfer of molecules and you will always carry a piece, however small, of your loved one until you yourself pass away. I felt this connection with my grandparents and my parents most used possessions and somehow I feel they are always with and part of me. I hope this doesn’t sound too crazy to you, but it is what it is and I… Read more »

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I remember this one. Lovely poem, Alison. I think you’ve made it more optimistic, more hopeful, is that right? With the bit about the quantum multiverse.

I still see the turning off the road as a metaphor. That’s all “death” is.

Hope to see you back permanently x


I too remember the photo, Alison. Now there’s a thing: How does a pile of pixels – not many by comparison – remain imprinted in someone’s brain, so clearly as to not be forgotten? Was it the few words you wrote that were so meaningful, and heartfelt, combined with the image that somehow made it indelible? If so, it worked! It is, above all else, a beautiful piece. It is so thoughtful too. We will, I am sure, ponder the structure of existence, until… ? Well, shall we say (to be a bit old fashioned) ‘until we have passed through… Read more »


This is hauntingly beautiful and heart breaking. Just the right intimate moments and memories highlighted to evoke the living spirit of your mother in your search for her. Love your trailing last line. So effective. Then there’s that rich Scottish brogue in a voice that cracks with grief.

A really moving piece and presentation, storms. Shelagh xx

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