Mind Games (reworked)




      Mind Games - Stormwolf

Can she really be gone?

My head says yes
but my heart disagrees.
She’s there, sitting in her familiar chair


Viewing old Nairn photographs I ask,
what is she doing at this time?
She’s only ‘up the road’
 Perhaps she’s busy,
knitting a jumper for school
or putting the finishing touches
to her wonderful pastry?

Life and times are an illusion…
webs within webs.
a quantum multiverse
she’s in there somewhere.

I just need to turn off the road
at the next junction…

© stormwolf 2022
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A very emotive piece, Alison. It plucked a few strings as both my parents died with Alzheimers; they were broken into a thousand pieces in the last years of their lives.
Like you, I firmly believe we continue after death in some form, somewhere.
I just hope it’s not Cumbernauld.

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