No Man’s Land

Two things to immediately address… you are not,

In any way, shape or form, my priority or responsibility anymore

You’ve taught me two more things to add to that:

Loving you was a mistake

And two, begging to come back to you, even after you give up the game for me

I don’t want nothing from you right now

You’re obviously the better one in everyone else’s mind

That’s whatever; but here I am, over here, wishing you would notice my presence

Yet to all my expectancies, you don’t

I learned to let go of that

But here’s what hits me the hardest:

When I love someone, its not for their looks or their money at all

Its their words and actions that correlate to a great continuum of happiness and joy for those who want us to be together and I can no longer apply that to you

Since you want me out of your life so badly

Ill step aside, point towards the door, neither regret nor anger in my face

To remain calm is the hardest challenge with a breakup,

Especially with a friend like you

Now, I see you’re not interested at all.

How could I possibly fix this?

You simply continue to have feelings about a person who I think doesn’t really love you

That’s my personal opinion 

But who am I to judge your life?

Apologies should never be given if you’re too angry to understand me

I’ll be here sooner than you expect

© SpikeFox87 2023
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Being thrown into the deep end of someones thoughts and feelings – as One is when reading something like this – makes for assumptions that could be way off the mark! But here goes: The way this reads I gather it is not a case of simply unrequited love, and I feel your pain. It is easy to quote the old adage ‘the path of true love….’ to someone in that position, but it does nothing for their anguish. I hope that your situation will soon be resolved. On the writing front, whilst it so clearly conveyed your (or maybe… Read more »

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