You Were My Brother… I Loved You

Some days are just like the others, always terrible, never optimistic

I feel like when I look back on my times with you,

They don’t add up to make my life like the moments I had with you

It doesn’t make sense

Maybe it would be better if I am told the real story of how life plays out its games

My problems don’t start there though

Its as if something were actually important

Like what, may you ask?

Well, to put it simply, I wouldn’t care if you told me the true side as long as it’s the whole truth

I may be hippocratic in saying this, but trust is everything

Love everyone, trust no one!

That is my philosophy towards making a  life worth living

I have been deceived in many ways in my time, however that doesn’t mean i should immediately doubt myself for allowing that to happen

If I wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life, I honestly couldn’t because of all the stuff I’ve been through

I do not feel like I should ponder upon my future, because it’s always something thats coming, but never arrives. Like a mirror, as soon as it is made, it has already been used

Basically i m stating that in essence your life, your words,  and your priorities matter not,

I am not belittling your life experiences, just offering an olive branch instead of an arrow.

Deception kills, but it doesn’t kill me because i have become the deceiver and the deceived

Take life seriously, it’s only going to get worse

© SpikeFox87 2023
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