my birthday

This little do dah is not to be seen as indicative of my state of mind – it is merely a first draft that amused me to write – and it ain’t me birthday 🙂

My Birthday


I never thought I’d live this long

but shuffle off thoughts

of death by slow dying


for today

it’s my birthday

it’s party time


my black dog

faithful companion

has left me

casting sly looks back

he, for it is a dog,

(living is the bitch)

sauntered into morning

knowing he will soon sit

back at my feet

at my fireside

and rest his head on my lap

then, paws first,

will climb upon me

and lick my face


knowing his weight will smother me


but not today

for today

it’s my birthday

it’s party time


a delivery’s due

boxes of my latest book

it will be lauded

described as ‘really good’

by those who

love the cover

glance at page one

read no further

but find a use for them

as doorstops or to light a fire


someone told me

my other books composted nicely

 ‘did wonders for my early taters’


the black dog sniffs the air

walks on

for now’s not the time

he’ll swagger back

another day


but not today

for today

it’s my birthday

it’s party time






© coolhermit 2023
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ok it aint your birthday, but the dog is real right?

I wholeheartedly agree with Durcan.

that’s why I say “there is no goodnight” (and there were no moves according to Evan Breen )

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