Health is wealth

Health is wealth Anger is the deadliest grass you can ever have. It hits and hurts you first. You get diseases like indigestion, insomnia, migraines, skin diseases, cancer, arthritis, depression, and many more unwanted maladies. Ways to avoid anger. 1. Don’t use harsh words 2. Don’t abuse anyone, not even in your thoughts, remember thoughts kill, thoughts heal. 3. Don’t

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About victims and victors

On Organisational behavior About victims and victors  This article tries to write the stories of many skilled workforce who died silent deaths in the hands of groups catapulted as ‘everybody’. The ones included in this, are most of the times powerful people playing the victim card. Since they have the number with them, organizations give the so-called ‘bad apples’ a

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Someone has to ring the bell

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it.” Voltaire Since a long time, I thought it’d be unfair to draw such comparisons. How can one compare patterns of social behavior of terrorists with that of the organisations. However, owing to information I have, I think it is sadly time

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