Calling in the Crows

Written years ago on my relocation to the city from the sanctuary of my country retreat in Aberdeenshire and missing my crows. Hear my voice in your cold dark dawn frosty branches and purple streaked sky. Awake! rouse yourselves! heads removed from covering wing. Come now, to this small city dwelling. Fly above the cliffs and the barren cornfields, majestic

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Sonata of Solace

                    image: gomathi   When world goes quiet, seeking solace after the day’s clamour,    There arises a silver orb, serenading the sky in glamour Softly showering on the lonely planet, its soothing tender light, Sailing from heaven hailing festive spirit till dawn replaces night. Revealing vault of heaven’s streamers, studded

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                image: google pics  Bubble has always been a subject of curiosity, daintily airborne, rising gracefully!   Donning a rainbow cape, the bubble rises higher, Clinging onto thin film, its dreams aspire. To reach the skies, its heart is set on fire, Stays buoyed up in the air by trapped in desire. Eyes looking

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