Does Truth Ever Die

Intro: A thought followed by a question had been troubling the poet for quite sometime. Sets about to find the answer and comes across many substantiating facts that confirm his belief. No matter how falsehoods are spreading with ferocity, aided by money and muscle power, Ultimately, “Truth Alone Triumphs”!    Does Truth Ever Die Does truth ever die? Or a

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In League with Eagles

Intro:  One fine winter morning the writer is audience to a spectacular display of manouevres by an Aquila pair. As they play out their parts, leading their daily life with their family the writer gets to take home a lesson. How to live life on an even keel, devoid of herd instinct or gender bias. Living life real time, shedding

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The movement of butterflies in flight: Daintily flying high and gliding low. Fluttering petal soft wings. The butterflies alight upon a bough; Here to rest a while before taking to wings. There are now a host of such creatures. Entangled and chasing intricate patterns in the air. Flowers being the hunts main feature. A sudden breeze hastens the butterflies dispersal.

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